What to Do Next

You will be provided detailed written post-operative instructions after your surgery. For the purposes of education and planning, included here are some of the instructions and restrictions that you should be aware of prior to scheduling your surgery.

  1. You will be required to use eyedrops for several weeks after surgery. As of the writing of this page, one drop will be used twice daily for about two weeks.
  2. You will wear a plastic shield/covering over the surgical eye at bedtime for about one week after surgery.
  3. Avoid lifting weights greater than thirty (30) pounds for about one week after surgery.
  4. Avoid bending at the waist for about one week after surgery.
  5. Avoid blowing your nose or rubbing the eye for several days after surgery.
  6. Do not submerge the eye in pooled water (bath, pool, hot tub, etc.) for two weeks. Showering is safe after surgery, even if water runs into the eye.